It never fails to happen. You look at the collection of antiaging lotions and potions on your nightstand – stuff you've spent hundreds of dollars on already – and you promise yourself that never again do you want to fall for this again. And then, the next time you watch TV, you notice that they’ve come up with some kind of persuasive gimmick, and you find yourself wondering if it would be such a bad thing to spend just another $80, just in case. There is a one way you can keep this from happening – you can educate yourself in what antiaging ingredients actually work.

Actually, an education in the subject would save you so much money. The cosmetics manufacturers totally make a living on pulling the wool over your eyes. Read a book like Paula Begoun’s Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, and you'll really begin to understand when to believe what the cosmetics manufacturers say, and ehen to decide that you know better.

Basically, if you could learn what anti aging ingredients work, all you'll need to do is to read the label on each product or brand and then find the one that has what you want. At the lowest price. You don't need to pay attention to anything they say in the advertisement, what celebrity endorses it, how attractive the container looks and how much it costs. You don't even need to know what brand it is. Just go straight for the ingredients list and you'll be done with it.

Okay, so what anti aging ingredients should you be looking for?

AHA and BHA are very important. When your skin's aging problems happen because of sun damaged and because you have naturally dry skin, AHA can be great for you then. It can help your skin retain more moisture and collagen. If you have oily skin, BHA can be great for the way it helps you control skin oil and the skin aging that occurs because of acne breakouts.

As you undoubtedly know from reading about all the cosmetic treatments that the celebrities love, collagen is important for smooth and supple skin. Look for a product that has retinol as one of its antiaging ingredients, and you could come out on top. Retinol helps your skin retain more collagen. It even helps you produce more collagen. When you use retinol regularly, you'll even get better quality skin cells. Go for it.

Not all anti aging ingredients have unfamiliar names. Vitamin C and vitamin A together in any product is very good news. You can buy them separately. When you need to keep what collagen you have, products with these two ingredients will really go to work for you.