eye makeup tips and tricksThe eyes are the windows to the soul, and also the easiest facial feature to change the look of. In the end, all it takes is the right color and application technique to turn your eyes from subtle to spectacular. The tips below will help you understand how you can make your eyes pop and your sex appeal go out of control.

The most important choice you can make is the color of your eye makeup. You should select colors which enhance and contrast with your skin color. To figure out what skin tone you are, make a fist and look at your inner wrist. If your veins look very blue, you are a cool skin tone. If your veins appear green, you are warm toned. If they appear teal, you are in the middle, considered to be a neutral tone.

If you have determined that you are a cool tone person, you will look best in jewel tones. That includes plum purple, teal, emerald green, royal blue, bright pink, silver, and even bright white. If you are a warm tone person, your best colors are orange, gold, deep red, peach, forest or leaf green, brown and off-white. If you are neutral, you literally can choose almost any color you like from either palette.

Once you know which colors to buy, you need to understand which brands are the best options. Look for companies which provide natural products with ingredients you can pronounce. Also choose mineral makeups as they are the safest products on the market today. They apply easily, don’t harm your skin and are easy to remove as well. That saves you contact with harsh chemicals used to remove other makeup products.

Now you can play with the application. Start with the brush which came with the product and see what different techniques you can come up with just with that. Then invest in a new set of brushes and test out each with your eye makeup. You can even use your fingers to smudge to add a smoky look to your eyes. Check online for how-tos which detail other application methods you can experiment with.

Mascara is an important part of the perfect eye look. Be sure to use a hue which looks natural on your face. While black may look good on some, brown may be a better option. If you want to get really funky, choose green, blue or purple products. Be sure to apply it the right way to ensure you don’t end up with clumps on your lashes. Also consider investing in an eyelash curler or even glue-on lashes for a luxurious, fabulous touch.

Eye makeup isn’t something which follows any strict rules. What works on you may not work on others, and vice versa. It is important that you play with your makeup and test out many different ideas, such as those in this article. That will allow you to learn exactly what it takes to get the look you want to achieve.