Combat The Effects of Dark Circles Under your Eyes


Having a flawlessly beautiful skin reflecting through your blazing eyes is something everyone so likes and aspires to have. But if your eyes are enshrined within dark patches encircling them, the gloom and despair is indeed immense.

Dark patches encircling your eyes are not symptoms of aging alone but sign of your degrading health. The causes that sprout dark circles may vary quite considerably but most of the time it is stress, tension, fatigue and lack of sound sleep that conspires against your beauty.

Start defending your skin the first time you notice dark circles making a somber impression on your entire personality. Take a nip off the tick and bring back the vivaciousness of your face with the following means which will make you defeat dark circles and dullness and under eye bags around your eyes.

As you grow old your skin loses elasticity and become dull and dry. This is why dark pigments and spots start sprouting up on your facial skin, giving you a weary appearance. Resort to an effective anti-aging eye cream. It will attack the dark spots and make the skin lighter, brighter and more eloquent with health and vivaciousness.

Lack of sleep can be a great deterrent for your skin to bring out its natural elegance and luster. Sleep deprivation in turn deprives your skin the liveliness and joviality that used to preside over your face in times gone by. Take adequate sleep and rest your eyes for at least 6-8 hours every day.

Sun exposure too leaves dark spots under eyes, inflammation and tiredness. Avoid sun exposure. It makes your eyes weary and soggy. You can ad oodles of glamour with a tinted pair of un-screened glasses and a stylish hat when going out in sun becomes imminent. And don’t forget to smear sunscreen on your skin.

Ban alcoholic beverages and smoke from your routine. One look at your face can reveal your indulgence in these harmful addictions and defile your beauty quite notoriously.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to deal with aging signs. And even if it is not age that haunts you your health will benefit from the fresh plant produces. These help in nourishing your skin and lightening dark circles, reducing puffiness and adding freshness on your face.

You can place fresh cucumber and potato slices on the sockets of your eyes and revel in the coolness of the veggies. Both of these lightens the dark pigments under your eyes and will strip off weariness.

Drinking water benefits a lot. you can help yourself with at least 2 liters of fluid consumption every day. But avoid caffeine laced sugary drinks and sodas, instead switch to green tea. It is a healthier alternative and anti-aging too.

Try these you will see a great difference in your appearance and observe a lighter shade falling in place of your dark spots under eyes. Take good care of your health, your eyes reflect the fecundity of your interior health.

How To Age Gracefully


Aging is a natural process in life and it will happen no matter what. Signs of aging include graduating from high school, becoming a parent and becoming a grandparent. While these facts may not bother you, it is the physical signs of aging that can really make you feel old!

While you can’t stop the aging process you can determine whether you age gracefully or not. By this we mean taking proactive actions at an earlier stage, and this can be done in various ways.

Health – this is one of the easiest things you can do to age gracefully, take care of your health. It is so easy to get wound up in the lives of your family, that you let your own health suffer. By not doing this you can slow down the effects of aging quite dramatically.
Exercise – one of the worst things that happens to people in their fifties is they start to feel their joints stiffening up. This can be prevented by simply keeping up with exercise. When you were taking care of your children you were active every day. As they grew up your activity level decreased and this is why your joints begin to suffer. Don’t stop exercising at the very least continue walking, biking or swimming as much as you possibly can.
Nutrition – it is very easy to let your food choices dwindle, you may find that you eat out more often, or prepare quick packaged foods. This is not going to help with the aging process as well. Instead focusing on your nutrition by eating plenty of fresh and natural foods. This will help reduce inflammation in your body and allow your organs and joints to keep working correctly.
Sleep – as you age you may notice that you have more trouble sleeping. While you can fall asleep, it is not so easy to stay asleep all night long. It may be necessary to retrain your sleep patterns. Start going to bed at the same time each night so your body becomes accustomed to the routine. Getting enough sleep will help you feel energetic and youthful for many years.
Skincare – don’t forget to take good care of your skin. Using sunscreen will help keep you looking younger for longer. Plus it will also help reduce the amount of those brown aging spots your skin naturally develops.

If you use the tips above you will discover that it is possible to age more gracefully than you had thought.


The Best Anti-Aging Treatments


The aging process is a natural phenomenon that happens to everyone. It occurs because of the way your cells and tissues grow, along with other internal changes that take place. While you cannot stop this process, there are now many anti-aging treatments that can help slow it down.

One of the best ways to slow down the aging process is by paying attention to your body. This includes eating a healthy diet full of natural foods, and by exercising and keeping your mobility functioning.

Aging is noticeable on your skin, especially in the facial area. This is why it is recommended that you use anti-aging creams. These types of creams come in all shapes and sizes, so be careful about what you purchase.  Always look for natural and herbal based creams and lotions.

One important note is that even a natural based cream could contain ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. So if you have sensitive skin or a known allergy, read the ingredients label carefully. You may even want to consult with your doctor first.
Most anti-aging creams contain collagen and some will contain Vitamin E, these have both been shown to help reduce the signs of aging, especially wrinkles. Other ingredients you can expect to find listed include:

* Retinol
* Alpha Hydroxy Acids
* Coenzyme Q10
* Vitamin C

The sun is responsible for damaging your skin at a fast rate. This is why it is so important to wear sunscreen all the time. Even the winter sun can damage your skin. You do not have to wear a separate sunscreen for your face, these days it is possible to find plenty of anti-aging creams that contain sunscreen. This just helps add another layer of protection which helps slow down the signs of aging.

The reason we age is because our body stops producing as much collagen. Collagen is a protein that helps to keep your skin firm. In addition our lifestyle habits help contribute to the signs of aging. This includes exposing your skin to harsh winds, cold temperatures and too much sun and smoking cigarettes.

Once you have damaged your skin you can use creams to help reduce the effects of aging, but you are not going to reverse them. Creams that contain antioxidants such as green tea and Vitamin E have been shown to be very helpful.
In order to slow down the aging process you need to take action before signs even show up. So start today by leading a healthy lifestyle and be conscious of what you are putting your body through.


Simple Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Sun


One of the best things you can do for your skin is to avoid the ultraviolet radiation that is given off by the sun. This will also help keep your skin looking healthier and younger well into your older years.

It is possible to burn your skin year round. Most people do tend to burn during the summer months when outside playing, swimming or enjoying the beach. But in colder climates the winter sun is still strong enough to burn you.
The damage that the sun does to your skin is called photoaging. In its advanced state it can cause skin cancer which could be fatal. There are three things you can do to minimize these effects.

1. Wear a hat and sunglasses
2. Use sunscreen on exposed skin
3. Wear light, long sleeved clothing or beach style cover-ups

Two of the worst skin damaging habits you may have are using a tanning bed and smoking. It is the facial expressions which you use while smoking. Think about it smoking makes you tighten your lips and makes you make squinting movements. All of this leads to causing premature wrinkles. Nicotine itself also damages your skin collagen and elastin and slows down blood flow around your face. If you don’t want to age early then it might be time to give up smoking and starting leading a healthier lifestyle.

Eating a healthy and well balanced diet will show up on your skin! As will drinking lots of water so that your skin is well hydrated. In addition eating in a healthy manner improves your blood circulation, reduces fat deposits and helps to keep your skin clear and smooth.

Some of the best foods you can eat for your skin include:

Vitamin A – this is found in dairy products, carrots and sweet potatoes
Vitamin C – find this in citrus fruits and bell peppers
Vitamin E – found in sunflower seeds, avocados and olive oil
Selenium – found in tuna, walnuts, Brazil nuts and oatmeal
Omega-3 fatty acids – found in oily fish, flaxseed, pecans and hazelnuts

By eating these types of food on a regular basis your skin texture and appearance will start to improve. Combine that with using sunblock or sunscreen and giving up any bad habits and you really will be able to age gracefully. Always use a sunscreen with a high UV protection rating, and don’t forget to use it on your children as well.

The Aging Process – How Hormones Affect You


For most people hormones play a large factor in your life at two key times. Firstly when you are a teenager and then as you enter your fifties. Hormones can really play havoc with not just your body, but your feelings and in the aging process.
It is your endocrine system that governs your hormones in your body. This system is also responsible for many other functions including moods, growth, development, tissue function and your metabolism.

One hormone that is recognized as a major contributor is the Human Growth Hormone. It is often referred to as HGH. HGH helps to regulate all of those functions we mentioned above as well as helping with cell regeneration and sexuality.

What this boils down to is that this one hormone alone is responsible for how healthy your skin is, the health and function of your muscles, body fat and more. It also dictates your sleep patterns and your moods.
As we age our hormone levels start to decline and this is when we notice several signs. One major one is that your skin does not look as vibrant, elastic or youthful as before. Unfortunately these signs can start to show as early as your thirties.
It also means that your muscles are not as bulky as before, they start to shrink, especially if you do not exercise very much. In turn this means that we add fat to our bodies. No doubt you have heard that as you age you start to gain a few pounds each year. This is exactly why!

These changes are not going to happen overnight. They happen quite slowly that they are almost unnoticeable. This is why by the time you hit your late forties and early fifties you begin to notice the changes more.
While we all accept the fact that we are getting older, people often wonder if this process can be slowed down or halted?

Studies have shown that you can use a supplement that contains HGH to do exactly this, slow down the signs of aging. By taking the right type of supplement you can stimulate your into producing more human growth hormones.
This process can be done via your endocrine system by using the pituitary gland that is located at the base of your brain. This is the location which releases your hormones.
The supplement used is made up of proteins, herbs, amino acids and other natural ingredients. What this does is essentially make your body feel young again so that it produces the right hormones.

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